For the last 30 years, artist Lynn Farrar has been saying "What I need are about 6 clones of myself, just to get everything done!

"Now I feel I've made the first, at least in the artistic sense. Clones can have minds of their own though, and Sophie certainly has shown that she does."

Sophie Soprano was born, or hatched, out of the idea that some of Lynn's work was a great departure from the usually traditional though colorful landscapes, seascapes, and figurative paintings of Lynn Farrar, serious artist.

When Lynn Farrar began doing murals for hospitals such as Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City and the pediatric wing of Utah Regional Medical Center, she discovered a whimsical side of herself that could finally express her dry sense of humor with paint. "I was free to be as silly as I wanted and, amazingly to me, people really enjoyed the work. I think even more now, people want something that will make them smile." Collectors agree.

"The idea that someone could stand on her roof and fly a kite while her house floats on the sea in the middle of nowhere, is very appealing to me. That's the ultimate in going with the flow," says Farrar.

Sophie is rarely serious, at least in subject matter. Her paintings feature animals of all sorts, partcularly sheep in many forms, including "Ewenicyle" a sheep in space reading her guide to the Eweniverse. She has a love of the nocturnal landscape, with just about anything jumping over the moon. Could be three cows, could be a raccoon or red fox. The titles of the paintings are an integral part of the humor. They may feature a snatch of song, such as "And Dance by the Light of the Moon" from "Buffalo Gals Won't You Come out Tonight?". Or maybe a pun or alliteration, such as "Mooooonlight Ride."

"While my paintings may seem light hearted and even silly, I still want the paint itself to be interesting. How can I help surface texture, brushstrokes, and layers of color make the subject more exciting? This aspect of my work is as facsinating to me as the subject of the painting. This is where my alter ego Lynn has her influence--this where we overlap in our work.

Sophie has a contemporary, sophisticated side as well. She's a modern woman; I'm a traditionalist. She loves the unlikely, the unusual, the ironic. She's bold with color. She's more political and will make a comment with her work, in such pieces as 'GreenHouse Effect 1.27.' She often uses humor or irony to make her point."

"I first thought of these paintings as mostly for children, but collectors are hanging them in businesses, and living rooms as well as the nursery. You might see them in an executive waiting room, board room, or a dining room, over the mantle, or they are sometimes featured in kitchens and surprising little nooks in hallways," Farrar says.

You never know just what Sophie might do or where you might find her. She deserves her own name, and now she has one.

Sophie is always available for corporate, civic and personal commissions.